Nihonken hozonkai


The Nihon Ken Hozonkai’s mission is to conduct investigative research into all facets of the Nihon Ken, which have been nationally designated as natural monuments, maintain a pedigree registry, plan the improvement of their preservation, breeding, physical abilities, breed development, and support their increased use as working dogs in various fields. We hope that through the Nihon Ken we can contribute to the improvement of our nation’s cultural heritage.

Natural MonumentNatural Monuments: The 6 Japanese Breeds

The Nihon Ken Hozonkai (NIPPO) published the “Nihon Ken Standard” in 1934 based on the ideal type and essence of the Nihon Ken. It adopted a system of dividing the Nihon Ken into 3 categories, small (Shiba Inu), medium (Kishu Ken, Shikoku Ken, Kai Ken, Hokkaido Ken), and large (Akita Ken). The breeds were then designated as Natural Monuments by the Ministry of Culture, as they remain to this day. *Of the 6 breeds, the Shiba, Kishu, and Shikoku have the most registrations with NIPPO.

**the date within parentheses is the year the breed was designated

Regarding the Internet and Social Media

In order to promote and further the Japanese breeds, the Nihon Ken Hozonkai (NIPPO), a public interest incorporated association, maintains a registry, publishes pedigrees, holds exhibitions and seminars, publishes newsletters, acts to raise awareness of the Nihon Ken overseas, and maintains regular domestic operations such as general meetings, board meetings, and judging committee meetings. Unfortunately, there have been cases where the internet and social media have been used to publish content regarding the way NIPPO is managed, issues that arose at exhibitions, exhibition placements, and comments about particular judges that were slanderous, defamatory, or not based on facts. NIPPO members found to have been involved in matters such as these, will face strict disciplinary action.