Admission to NIPPO

 Since its founding in 1928, the NIHONKEN HOZONKAI (NIPPO) has been working to preserve the Nihon Ken and its lineage for future generations, as well as raising awareness of these breeds.
 If you like or are interested in the Nihon Ken, and agree with the goals of our association, please join us!

Once a NIPPO member you are able to:

  • Register litters (make NIPPO pedigrees) from NIPPO registered parents
  • Subscribe to our member's only magazine (in Japanese, 4 issues a year)
  • Submit photos to our photo gallery, posted on instagram, or in our magazine


 Annual membership fees cover the period from January to December, regardless of the date one becomes a member. Admission for any given year is accepted until December 15th.
If you wish to continue your membership, please remit the annual membership fee of 5,000 JPY between January 1st - March 31st.
 If the annual membership fee is not paid by the end of March, the membership automatically becomes invalid.

 If the membership fee of 5,000JPY and a re-admission fee of 3,000JPY is paid before December 15th, the invalid membership can be reinstated.
 After December 16th, reinstatement is not possible, and any applications will be considered a new membership.

How to Apply

1. Please write us an email at and include your name and address.

2. Send an admission and 1 year membership fee of 8,384JPY via PayPal (account:

3. Once your registration is complete, we will mail you a packet which includes a membership card, badge, and your magazines.

The above membership packet can be sent via registered mail on request.

  • If you would prefer this option of registered mail with a tracking number, please include an additional 500JPY with the admission fee. If we receive only the base admission fee, we will send the package via regular air mail (not registered).
  • If you have a friend or intermediary in Japan who can accept postal items for you, we are able to send the package to their address. If you would prefer this option, please let us know in your email, and give us their name and address.
  • The member's magazine is published in February, May, August, and November. In the membership packet we will send you all magazines issued for the year up to the time of your enrollment.