Photo Gallery Submission Guidelines

Photo Gallery Submission Guidelines

Regarding the submission of photos for our photo gallery and Instagram account: We accept photo submissions of our members' dogs for the photo gallery on our homepage, as well as our official Instagram account. Please send us 'everyday life' photos of your dogs. Show us a side of the Nihonken that we are unable to see at exhibitions.

  • There is no publication fee.
  • Submissions are limited to current members only, and you can enter up to two pictures at a time, and as many times as you like (but only once per day, please).
  • Entries will be posted to the top of the photo gallery in the order in which they are received.
  • Only photographs will be posted. Titles, member names, and dog names will not be published.
  • The submission of photos that include Japanese dogs and other breeds is allowed.
  • Images may be blurred or cropped when published (faces of passersby, car license plates, etc.).
  • If there is a subject other than your dog in the photo, please obtain the other person's consent before submitting the photo.
  • We do not accept inquiries from third parties regarding photos.

How to Submit Your Photos

Please send your submissions using one of the methods below, along with ① your name ② your membership number ③ your dog's registration number.

◆Email Submissions
Please send the image data to and write "Photo Gallery Application" in the subject line. *Please limit image data to under 2MB

◆If you are submitting a photo by post:
Please mail your submissions to the headquarters of the Japanese Dog Preservation Society.
1F Surugadai Sunrise Building, 2-11-1 Kanda Surugadai, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan 101-0062
(Public corporation) Japanese Dog Preservation Society "Photo Gallery"
*Please note that we cannot return the photos you send via post