Litter Registration

Litter Registration

 Litter registration is a procedure for creating pedigrees for puppies. Applications must be made by the owner of the dam.
 Owners of the dam and sire must both be current members of NIPPO, and must be listed on the NIPPO pedigree as the current owner.
 The owner of the dam must have a registered kennel at the time of application.
If not yet completed, kennel registration can be applied for at the same time as litter registration.
 The following types of litter registrations will not be accepted.

  • If over 2 years have passed since the litter's birth.
  • A breeding where both sire and dam are under 7 months old.
  • If less than 150 days have elapsed from the dam's previously registered litter's birth date, to the current litter's birth date.

How to Apply

1. Please download and fill out the application form, and email ( it to us.

2. For early registration (litters under 60 days) send 3,500JPY*/puppy via PayPal (account:

*For litters 61days to 1 year old, the registration fee is 4,000JPY/puppy
For litters over 1 year, but under 2 years old, the fee is 6,000JPY/puppy
NOTE: If you would like English transliteration (dog/kennel names in English) on the pedigrees, please send an additional 1,000JPY/puppy.

3. Once registration is complete, we will mail you the pedigrees.The pedigrees can be sent via registered mail on request.

  • If you would prefer this option of registered mail with a tracking number, please include an additional 500JPY with the admission fee. If we receive only the base admission fee, we will send the package via regular air mail (not registered).
  • If you have a friend or intermediary in Japan who can accept postal items for you, we are able to send the pedigrees to their address. If you would prefer this option, please let us know via email, giving us their name and address.

Pedigree Corrections

In certain situations we allow corrections to pedigrees. Listed below are the allowed corrections and costs.

Within 6 months of registration Within 6months-1 year of registration
coat color/tail type
correction etc
sex correction 1,000yen / litter 2,000yen / litter
birthdate correction 2,000yen / litter 4,000yen / litter
sire/dam correction 6,000JPY/dog 12,000JPY/dog

Reissue of Pedigrees

In case of lost or damaged pedigrees, please fill out this application form and mail it to us with a reissue fee of 4,000JPY/dog.