Ownership Transfer

Ownership Transfer

Even if the dog has physically changed owners, the previous owner will remain listed on the pedigree unless you apply for an Ownership Transfer.
By completing this process, you can prove ownership, so anytime there is a change of ownership, it is best to promptly update the pedigree listed owner.

How to Apply

1. Please fill out the ownership transfer card like this.

2.Please send the ownership transfer card and original pedigree by airmail to:

2F KandaSakata Building , 2-5-1 Kanda Nishiki-cho,
Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo 101-0054 Japan

3. Send 2,128 JPY (for each dog) via PayPal to account: nippo@nihonken-hozonkai.or.jp.

4. Once the registration is complete, we will mail you the new updated pedigree.

  • "令1.5.1" would be 2019, May 1st. It is written in the Japanese calendar style.
    "譲渡年月日" is the transfer date. "登録年月日" is the registration date. "譲受者氏名" is the new owner.
  • The new pedigree can be sent via registered mail on request.
    If you would prefer this option of registered mail with a tracking number, please include an additional 500JPY with the admission fee. If we receive only the base admission fee, we will send the package via regular air mail (not registered).
  • If you have a friend or intermediary in Japan who can accept postal items for you, we are able to send the pedigree to their address. If you would prefer this option, please let us know via email, giving us their name and address.