The Nihon Ken Hozonkai (Japanese Dog Preservation Society), commonly referred to as NIPPO, was founded in 1928, and received permission to incorporate from the Ministry of the Interior in 1937. As the oldest canine registry in Japan, NIPPO boasts over 90 years of authority and tradition. 

In 1932 the first issue of "Nihon Ken" was published, the registry was organized, and pedigrees were issued. Subsequently the first Nihon Ken National Exhibition (now commonly referred to as the Grand National) was held on the rooftop of the Tokyo Ginza Matsuya. 81 Nihon Ken from all over the country were entered, which was a tremendous achievement for its time, with the famous Akita Ken Hachiko attending as a special invitee.

Birthed in the early days of the Showa period, the war that soon followed caused an unavoidable pause in NIPPO's activities from the 1943 Grand National onward. However, the society was quick to resume function in 1948, and by 1949 the exhibition was again successfully held, and NIPPO settled back into its role as a central actor in the preservation of the Nihon Ken. On September the 1st, 2011, as part of the new national public interest incorporation reform, NIPPO became the first canine registry in Japan to be certified as a 'public interest incorporated association'.

Our Goals

The Nihon Ken Hozonkai's mission is to conduct investigative research into all facets of the Nihon Ken, which have been nationally designated as natural monuments, maintain a pedigree registry, plan the improvement of their preservation, breeding, physical abilities, breed development, support their increased use as working dogs in various fields, and to liaise with various government offices and organizations. We hope that through the Nihon Ken we can contribute to the improvement of our nation's cultural heritage.


This organization conducts the following activities in Japan and overseas in order to achieve its objectives.
  • Determination of the Nihon Ken standard.
  • Guidance on breeding management and ownership of the Nihon Ken.
  • Maintenance of a Nihon Ken registry and issuance of pedigrees.
  • Issuance of various research and reports related to the Nihon Ken.
  • Organizing exhibitions, tests, workshops, etc. involving the Nihon Ken, and supporting related organizations.
  • Appointment of Nihon Ken specialist judges.
  • Introduction of and promoting the Nihon Ken overseas.
  • Promotion of the use of Nihon Ken in crime prevention, hunting, as companions, and in other fields.
  • Publication of journals and other bulletins.
  • Other activities necessary to achieve the goals of this organization.