Kai Ken

Kai Ken

Even among the Japanese breeds, the Kai is a breed with a particularly wild aura. It survived mainly in the area around the Japanese Southern Alps, and was designated as a national natural monument in January 1934. The people of Yamanashi Prefecture who were involved in its preservation placed great importance on the Kai Ken as a dog for hunting wild animals such as serow and wild boar.

These preservationists accepted the breed's type as it had been formed by nature, and striving to preserve its original form through their own unique sense of preservation, they pursued rigor rather than domesticated charm. This may be one of the reasons why there were fewer registrations when compared to the other Nihon Ken. As the saying goes, "A good hunting dog has the potential to be a good family dog,'' the Kai Ken is a good hunting dog as well as a good companion.

Compared to the Kishu Ken and the Shikoku Ken, most dogs are slightly shorter in height, and their only allowed coat color is "tora-ge" (brindle), also known as "Kai Tora''.

Standard Size

甲斐雌 甲斐雌

Height: 52m (47cm to 55cm allowed)


Height: 49cm (44cm to 52cm allowed)

*Height: Measured from ground to shoulder

Coat Color

The Kai Ken's coat color is also called "Kai Tora," and all dogs are brindle. The coloration is divided into "kuro-tora" (black brindle), "chu-tora" (medium brindle), and "aka-tora" (red brindle) depending on the shade and amount of brindling.

Kurotora Akatora