Here we will explain the proceedings of a NIPPO exhibition.

NIPPO branch exhibitions are held twice a year, once in the spring and once in the autumn. Registration begins at 8am, the opening ceremony starts at 9am, and the first round of judging begins immediately thereafter.
The first round of judging (individual examination) is held in the morning, and after a short lunch break, the second round (comparative examination) and then the third round (special awards, NIPPO Headquarters Award) is held. After all judging is completed, the exhibition is brought to a close (usually around 2:30pm). Observers are allowed, but please be careful not to interfere with the judging process (such as drawing the attention of the dog being judged).

First Round (Individual Examination)

Oral Examination

The bite, number of teeth, and tongue will be examined. The dog's bite is examined with the dog's mouth closed. Next, the exhibitor will hold the corner of the dog's mouth and open it to allow a check of the number of teeth, and the tongue, as shown in the photo.

Testicular Examination

Male dogs testicles are examined by palpation.


The handler holds the leash and the dog is judged in a standing position (stack). As shown in the photo, the handler stands behind the dog and holds the leash at an angle of about 45 degrees from the dog's back line.


Height is measured from the ground to the point behind the shoulder blade. The dog is examined to ensure it is within the breed height standard.

Triangle Movement

The dog's movement is judged by moving it counterclockwise around the three designated markers that make up a triangle within the ring . First, the rear, then the total dog, and finally the front's movement is examined.
At the same time, the skeletal structure and physique etc are also examined.

Second Round (Comparative Examination)

Dogs are lined up clockwise in order of their entry numbers.
Placements are determined by comparing exhibited dogs of the same class, and based on the basic evaluation made during the individual examination.

Third Round (NIPPO Headquarters Award, Special Awards)

 After the second round, the NIPPO Headquarters Award (Honbusho) recipients will be selected from among the top dogs in the Seiken (adult) and Soken (Young Adult) classes (special awards such as the Prefectural Governor's Award may be given depending on the branch). Winners will receive a headquarters award plaque and certificate.

 The NIPPO Headquarters Award (Honbusho) is the supreme prize awarded to dogs that were particularly outstanding in exhibition on the day. The number of Honbusho awarded is determined by the number of dogs entered at the exhibition.

Judging for'Finished Class'(only at block shows)

At block shows, between the first and second rounds of judging, there is an exhibition class for 'Finished' dogs. *In NIPPO a finished dog is one that has previously won 6 honbusho

Small, medium, and large type males and females are all judged in the same class, and when there are more than three entrants, the winner is awarded the "NIPPO Chairman's Award" (plaque and certificate).