Kennel Registration

 A kennel name is an exclusive breeder signature, and indicates where a dog was born.
 The owner of the dam will need one in order to apply for litter registration. It is not possible to apply for pedigrees to be issued without a registered kennel name (however simultaneous registration of a litter and your kennel is allowed).

  • Once a kennel name has been registered, it cannot be changed, deleted, or re-registered.
    This is a one-time registration per member. If a kennel name has previously been used, it cannot be used in a registration by another member.
    If a person who has registered a kennel name in the past re-enrolls as a member, they must continue to use their original kennel name.
  • Kennel name lengths are limited to 5 Japanese characters (numbers and non-Japanese characters are not allowed).
    If you are having difficulty with the Japanese, feel free to contact us via email for assistance.
  • You cannot apply for a kennel name that has already been registered with NIPPO in the past.

How to Apply

1. Please fill in the form below and email( it to us.

Kennel name (1st choice):
Kennel name (2nd choice):
Your Name:
Your NIPPO membership number:

2. Please send 5,000JPY via PayPal (account:

3. Once your kennel registration is complete, we will mail you your kennel card.

  • The kennel card can be sent via registered mail on request.
    If you would prefer this option of registered mail with a tracking number, please include an additional 500JPY with the admission fee. If we receive only the base admission fee, we will send the package via regular air mail (not registered).
  • If you have a friend or intermediary in Japan who can accept postal items for you, we are able to send the kennel card to their address.
    If you would prefer this option, please let us know via email, giving us their name and address.